Hugo Black

Lyndelle is just special! It would be impossible to count all the ways that she has helped me.

Lyndelle not only provides the tools that create amazing tangible results but also the mindset that is essential for growing a business.

Lyndelle knows how to unlock your true potential and always comes up with a plan that is next level.

As a result of working with Lyndelle, I was able to shift my focus into the right areas, build confidence as a business owner, and take my businesses to the next level of growth. I was able to distribute my books into 40 different retail outlets around Sydney and into 5-star hotels.

I was surprised at how much value I got from each call. Also, the extended support between calls was beyond my expectations. Lyndelle would always respond to any of my questions in depth. I also enjoyed the fact that each call was recorded, so that I could go back and listen to it again and again. We also ended our mentorship with a 3 hour 1:1 strategy workshop.

If you want to shave years off your learning, then work with Lyndelle – you can’t afford not to. All successful people use a mentor.